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Jayden Maillian, the New Ventures and Business Development Lead for LMB Group, is a dynamic individual currently navigating high school with a graduation date set for the class of 2025. Acknowledged for his dedication and enthusiasm in the realm of sports, Jayden has a particular fondness for soccer and an interest in player management.

In addition to his roles in academics and business, Jayden embraces his responsibilities as an older brother, taking pride in his protective nature and treasuring his family bonds. Outside of the classroom and boardroom, he finds joy in travel, exploring diverse cultures, and connecting with new people.

In the field of soccer and sports management, Jayden introduces a fresh perspective as a young Black man, blending his youthful energy with a growing foundation of experience and knowledge. His journey includes years of actively participating in soccer, coaching aspiring athletes, and studying various managerial techniques.

Academically, Jayden showcases proficiency in subjects like math, economics, and debating, earning commendations in advanced classes such as AP Macroeconomics and Algebra II. To deepen his understanding of athlete well-being, he has ventured into an AP Biology course.

Jayden's accomplishments extend beyond academic pursuits. In debating, he has secured awards in Success Academy’s Debating League, while in soccer, he reached 3rd place in Regionals and received his school’s Athlete of The Year Award for two consecutive years at Success Academy.

In addition to his primary interests, Jayden explores secondary passions, particularly in the real estate and investment market. Leveraging his knowledge, he provides guidance on investment decisions, demonstrating a discerning ability to identify prudent choices.

Jayden's travels, coupled with his proficiency in both English and Spanish, have allowed him to build connections within the sports industry. Excited to share his unique perspectives on soccer and sports, Jayden Maillian is poised to contribute positively to the intersection of business and sports, making a lasting impact in both realms.


Hi Coaches! My name is Jayden Maillian, I’m a soccer player originally from New York, but now in Puerto Rico so I’m used to playing in different climates and terrains, as well as communicating in different languages. 


I aspire to do big things within soccer. Since the age of 7, I’ve been obsessed with this wonderful sport and I’ve been fortunate enough to have played in every position on the field allowing me to develop a high IQ for the sport. I prefer to play as a Striker or Left Wing, however I’m also comfortable playing at Left Back as I have sometimes this season with my club team. In all these positions I aspire to be touted as one of the best and will work hard both on and off the field to achieve that goal. 


I’d like to attend a university that will allow me to receive a good high-level education while also allowing me to play the sport of soccer, in order to help me fulfill my dream of becoming both a soccer player and a sporting agent. In addition to my ventures in soccer, I also run track and I ran cross country for 4 years up until high school. My most recent track times as a tenth grader are a 11.69s in the 100m, a 24.40 in the 200m and a 56.48 in the 400m dash. Please keep in mind that these are my true-freshmen times as I skipped third grade and am hence a year younger than the rest of my class. If you have any questions, please feel free contact me at 


Thank you, Jayden!

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